Food You Should Learn How to Make in College

There are a lot of survival skills that college students need to gain in order to be successful, healthy, and happy. You need to learn how to be on time for class, take notes and study for tests. You need to learn how to survive in a school setting, and socialize in one as well. And you need to learn how to feed yourself. Food is a more critical part of the college experience than many people realize; students aren’t used to not having their parents there to feed them, and many either don’t know how to cook their own food or fail to make the time to do so. As such, it’s important that every college student knows a few cheap, quick, and easy foods, so that they can keep themselves happy and healthy. Here are a few foods that you should learn how to make in college.

Eggs are instant protein, can be eaten with any meal, are cheap, and can be cooked in just a few minutes. Translation: they’re ideal for college students. Learning how to fry and scramble eggs (and even make an omelet) assures that you’ll have tasty and versatile protein whenever you need it. Pro-tip: add thinly sliced veggies like carrots and celery to a pot of instant ramen and stir in an egg at the end—it makes the meal healthier and more filling.

Salad or Stir-Fry
The infamous “Freshman Fifteen” is real—most college students do gain weight when they first head off to school. The reason is simple: they don’t make time for cooking, so they end up relying on cafeteria food (which has abundant temptations like soft-serve and endless soft drinks), vending machines, and late night fast food runs. Learning to make a yummy stir-fry or salad can make all the difference; both meals are a healthy alternative that can also be quick, easy, cheap, and most importantly, delicious. Even a picky eater loves a salad with some chicken in it, so you can find whatever’s right for you so that you can get your veggies at least a few times a week.

Coffee may not traditionally be considered a “food,” but it is an imperative thing for a college student to learn how to make and make well. College is very hard work, and you’re bound to spend long nights in the library and attend morning classes when you’re less than rested. Having caffeine is a must, and you can get it one of two ways: by spending a few dollars at a coffee stand every day, or by learning how to make it yourself.

Rice and Quinoa
Learning the simple art of making rice or quinoa goes a long way. These two grains are staples for a reason: rice goes with anything, and quinoa is among the most protein-packed things you can eat, and both grains are extremely versatile. They can go in, on, or to the side of most things you eat; and you can make a week’s supply all at one time, assuring that you’ll have quick meal options all week long.

Burritos are simple but essential college foods. Why? Because they’re cheap, easy, full of protein and veggies, and you can put virtually anything into them. Stock up on burrito supplies, and you’ll have five-minute meals every time that you need them… presuming you learn how to make them first.

There’s a misconception about making bread; it’s actually surprisingly easy (and fun) to do. Learn to make bread and you can make a loaf on Sunday night, and have breakfast, snack food, and sandwich bread for the whole week. Plus, nothing beats the smell of fresh bread rising in the kitchen.

These are a few foods that every college student should learn how to make. Master these and you’ll be healthy and happy at school.

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