How Drugs Can Ruin Your College Life

College is often a time when people are exposed to things that they’ve never encountered before, and levels of peer pressure are through the roof. Unfortunately, drugs are usually high on that list of new things, and far too many college students find themselves in a downward drug spiral that’s beyond their control. While drugs may sound fun, drugs can seriously impair one’s college experience and life after college.

Drugs Cause Financial Ruin
Most college kids are already financially insolvent—broke, as the kids are calling it these days. Living off of macaroni and scraping together cash to pay rent that month isn’t uncommon for the typical college student. Drugs put even more strain on one’s wallet, as drugs are extremely expensive. Those who get involved with drugs often experience financial stress, find themselves borrowing large amounts of money, go into severe credit card debt, or even commit crimes to pay for their drug habit. Drugs are also expensive in that they often lead to legal fees or rehabilitation, both of which can be costly.

Drugs Can Destroy Relationships
Most drug addicts develop of pattern of sneaking around, making up stories, or lying about their activities to cover up their drug habits. When confronted, drug addicts can become aggressive and defensive. Those who use drugs often avoid social situations or miss important events or dates with loved ones as a result of addiction. Those struggling with addition are also known for their tendency to be flaky and skip out on commitments. As such, drugs are known to destroy relationships, including those between family members, romantic relationships, or relationships with co-workers or superiors.

Drug Use Has Lasting Repercussions
Getting involved in drugs is a serious criminal offense that can have major legal repercussions. Depending on the type of drug, where you get it, and whether or not you get involved with any other criminal activity involving the drug, the legal fallout can be large. Not only may you be arrested, you may also face large court fees, lawyer fees, rehabilitation fees, and have a permanent mark on your criminal record. Doing drugs can also have an effect on future opportunities, too, and limit your ability to complete school, get a job, be involved in higher education, or make meaningful connections with people.

Drugs take a toll on your body, too. While the affect on the body will vary by the type of drug, drugs such as cocaine and meth will significantly harm your body. Impact on the brain and body can be so negative, in fact, that you brain may actually stop producing dopamine—the chemical that allows you to feel pleasure and happiness—on its own; you may behave irrationally or impulsively while on drugs, leading to a sexually transmitted infection; you can develop side-effects such as “meth mouth”; or you may suffer from severe malnutrition and lose weight. Drug usage can lead to death.

If you or someone you know is struggling with peer pressure, anxiety, or drug usage, you should seek help immediately. Most universities have a student health center on campus that can help with counseling services, medical issues, and rehabilitation or drug therapy. Stop the problem before it starts and get help today.

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