Why You Should Stay Healthy While in College

Staying healthy isn’t always easy, and in all reality, good health takes a lot of hard work to maintain. Not only must you eat right and exercise consistently in order to be healthy, but you also need to take care of your mental health as well. If you’re debating whether or not taking the time to be healthy while in your college years is really worth all that effort, here are some reasons why being healthy now will pay off:

You Want to Feel Your Best
There’s not much debate about it: staying healthy makes you feel better. When people are overweight or unhealthy, they’re more likely to feel depressed, slow and sluggish, unattractive and tired. On the other hand, those that choose nutritious foods and exercise regularly typically have more stable emotions, better moods on a more consistent basis, more energy and more motivation.

You’ll Look Better than Ever
Let’s face it: college is a time to meet new people, go on dates and potentially meet the person of your dreams. Additionally, it’s a time of parties and photos, mixers and meetings. By staying healthy, you’ll not only feel better during all these activities, but you’ll look better, too. Forget about those moments when you find yourself wondering whether or not you look your best – by working out regularly and eating healthily, you will.

Studying Really Matters
If you want to ace all of your exams, have more energy and feel more focused, choosing a healthy lifestyle can help with that. Those who exercise regularly, get enough sleep and choose healthy foods report having better levels of concentration throughout the day, having an easier time making decisions and being able to think more critically and logically. Additionally, a healthy lifestyle and getting enough sleep are linked to a higher aptitude for learning new information and recalling information that’s already learned. Ever completely blanked out on the answer to the test question you studied all night for? Staying healthy can help with your memory and all your other studying needs.

You’ll Save Money
Healthcare is expensive. Whether it’s dental care, E.R. visits, trips to urgent care or walk-in clinics, a doctor’s visit for a cold, or the cost of prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs, not a lot is cheap when it comes to treating an illness. You can save money and time by making an effort to stay healthy. The healthier you are, the less likely you are to have a number of complications, including broken or fractured bones, high blood pressure, diabetes, or even a case of the flu. Staying healthy strengthens every part of your body, from your bones to your brain to your immune system.

Your Future You Will Thank You
A recent published study shows that by staying healthy in your twenties – by performing cardio exercises regularly – you may potentially protect your brain from future cognitive decline. Therefore, by exercising now, you may help out your memory in your later years of life. Additionally, forming good health habits now will help protect you from things like heart disease, obesity, depression, hypertension and more once you finish college and move into adulthood.

How to Form Good Habits
In order to stay healthy, find a time to exercise every day; choose foods that are organic, natural and are full of healthy vitamins and minerals; choose protein over excess carbohydrates and sugar; and always prepare your own meals and snacks.

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